To promote the advancement of personal, social, physical and emotional development for young people by providing informal educational learning opportunities and experiences in a safe environment.

Our Mission

To deliver a high quality service within a forgotten and neglected sector. Dizzy Heights CIC brings together specialist knowledge and experience, passion and talent, to engage with children, young people and families in our communities to achieve positive outcomes.

Our Core Values


Giving young people access to the resources that can help them to build confidence, find their voice and work in the direction of attaining growth and transformation.


In promoting participation amongst young people, it has benefits for the young person themselves, the youth group and the community as a whole.


Providing young people with diverse informal learning opportunities that stretch horizons, challenge thinking, develop skills and help make informed decisions.


We believe in promoting equality, valuing diversity, and working inclusively, giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination and placing a positive value on those differences. 

Community Youth Sessions


Dizzy heights offers a unique youth service using an holistic approach, our outreach and drop in youth sessions are somewhere for young people to relax in a safe and friendly environment staffed by experienced/qualified Youth Workers. We offer access to a range of positive activities, new opportunities and informal education.

Our provision is accessible and aimed at young people 10 up to 19 years old (up to 25 years old for young people with SEND)

Dizzy Heights provides targeted and specialist services for our beneficiaries. Services may be delivered with a focus on a particular geographical area, or may respond to specifically identified needs that are outlined by funders, partners or sponsors of the service. Dizzy Heights specialise in working with vulnerable groups of young people and have targeted sessions on 1:1 or group basis covering the following: 

Drug & Alcohol Education
NEET Prevention
Child Criminal Exploitation
Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Dizzy Heights are able to plan and deliver bespoke support programmes based upon the needs of the community and changing trends, which include:

  • Loneliness & self-isolation
  • Improving school attendance and attainment
  • Social media, online pressure & cyber bullying

Burton & Stoke – Why Now?

“Youth work has an important role to play in helping each young person reach their own unique DIZZY HEIGHTS.

It also helps to tackle poverty, reduce inequality, increase levels of educational attainment and employment, improve economic and social well-being, address health and other inequalities and increase young people’s participation in society.”

Youth provision and services are at an all time low. Unfortunately, in times of austerity and cutbacks, youth services are often the first on the chopping block.

This is reflected throughout the United Kingdom as youth centres have closed due to funding cuts and has left a shortage in the skills and expertise of working with vulnerable young people, particularly teenagers. Through no fault of their own, the incredibly hard working youth workers that remain in the sector have been facing a daunting challenge for years. Recently that challenge has become even more difficult as the Coronavirus pandemic left swathes of young people feeling alone and isolated.

Dizzy Heights addresses modern-day challenges that young people face as they make their way through transitional periods in an ever-changing world.

Introducing The Team Behind Dizzy Heights

Youth work specialists from both the East and West Midlands

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